Welcome to Bum's The Word On-Line. My 'zine on the internet. So far this is the only official issue of Bum's The Word... but hopefully there will be more soon. Bum's The Word; The Last Word In... is a 'zine whose theme changes with every issue. My first issue was written on one of my favorite subjects, 'Poe, Poetry, and other such stuff'. Poe will probably be a recurring theme throughout the life of this 'zine, but hopefully many subjects, just as interesting, will have their day as well. On this page you will find links to each of the articles found in the Volume 1 Issue 1 of BTW;TLWI... I happily and greedily accept feedback, criticism, kudos, and contributions. By contributions I mean articles, ideas for articles, artwork, information, letters to the editor, etc.

Enjoy the 'zine and thank you for your interest in Bum's The Word...

A Brief History...
Poe As An Education
Pain and the Work of Poe
Poetry: What It Is And What It Isn't
E.A. Poe; The Legend, The Genius...But Was He Human?

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Bum's The Word; The Last Word In... was created, written and edited by Sherry Dedman-Sherritt February 1995

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The name "Bum's The Word; The Last Word In..." and all it's contents (except where indicated) were created, written and edited by Sherry Dedman-Sherritt February 1995 and are Copyrighted by Sherry Dedman-Sherritt